Thursday, July 21, 2011

Virtual Date

Morgan and I had a tough engagement. I was finishing up the semester at BYU and he was working in Idaho. After we got engaged on conference weekend in October, I only saw him twice before we got married. I went up for Halloween and Thanksgiving and that's it. It was very lonely. 

One day I was at home moping around and Andrew and Nancy took pity on me (or more likely they were sick of my complaining) and decided to take me out for ice cream. They said it would be like a double date. I could text Morgan the whole time and send him pictures on Andrew's phone. I was very excited about this date, although I wish he could have really been there. 

We went to a place called The Golden Spoon. I got cookie dough ice cream of course. We sat down at a table and even had an empty seat for Morgan. I texted Morgan everything we were talking about so he could be involved in the conversation. It was a good way to keep my mind off the separation. I had a lot of fun on my virtual double date with Andrew and Nancy. 


I'm so glad that I'm married to Morgan and I get to spend every day with him. I didn't like going weeks at a time without seeing him. 

P.S. This date happened sometime in October. I'm writing about it now because I stumbled across the pictures the other day and remembered how fun it was. 


  1. Aw, now we miss you guys, though. We'll have to do another virtual double sometime! :) I guess we'll be seeing you in a few days, anyway...we'll survive until then.

  2. That's a pretty adorable story, I must say.