Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Grover Day 1 (July 27)

We were going to leave for Grover right after we got up the morning, but we discovered the many things to do at my parent’s house. Morgan started watching a movie from their vast collection, and of course he had to finish it. Meanwhile, I rediscovered the joys of their digital piano. Morgan then spent over 20 minutes playing with the various percussion sounds. Then we found the Nintendo 64, so we played that for a while. Needless to say, we didn’t leave right in the morning. We would have stayed longer, but we didn’t want to get to Grover too late.

The drive wasn’t too bad. I always feel bad on long road trips, because I sleep for the majority of them. That’s how I like to pass the time, because when you wake up, you’re much closer than you were before.  It’s fine to do that on a family trip, but when it’s just me and Morgan and I’m sleeping, he has no one to talk to. I tried not to sleep too much because I was supposed to be giving directions. I’ve been to Grover year after year, but I’ve never driven there myself and I never really payed attention (because I was sleeping). We managed to find it all right. I was so excited to be there again and show Morgan the places I used to go while growing up.

When we got there around 4, only my mom was there. Everyone else was coming back from Goblin Valley. We had time to explore a bit and set up our awesome tent (courtesy of Heather, Talysa, and Dan). 

Everyone came back soon after and I was excited to see my adorable nieces. I saw them in May, but Morgan hadn't seen them since April. I love spending time with them, especially Miriam. She's so darn cute!

It was a bit rainy on the way down and it had rained on and off on everyone who was hiking. It didn't rain anymore after we got there, but we got to see the beautiful rainbow. It was a great start to a great trip.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Birthday Bash (July 26)

I am so behind in blogging, it’s not even funny. I had a lot of trips right in a row and the time I had between them I was doing laundry and getting ready for the next one.  Now I’m done with my summer vacations and I have a few weeks to get ready for school. So I’m going to try to get caught up before I get busy again
We went down to Utah to go camping with my family. We left a day early to spend time with Morgan’s little sister Bethlyn (Buffy). It was her birthday that day and we wanted to do something for her. We got free passes to Seven Peaks for our wedding so we took Buffy there. We spent a few hours there and left just before the rain started. We had a great time playing around.

I have a few things to say about Seven Peaks. It’s a fun place, but it is ridiculously expensive.  We wouldn’t have gone if Morgan and I didn’t get in for free. We didn’t mind paying the 25 dollars for Buffy because it was her birthday, but it’s way too expensive to just go sometime. The fee for the use of a locker was 6 dollars. Now that’s just ridiculous! At other swimming places, lockers range from a quarter to a dollar. Because I had a season pass, I got two dollars back when I returned the key. Still, 4 dollars is a ridiculous price to pay to rent a locker for a few hours. Also, the tube prices are outrageous. We thought about getting a three person tube so we could all go down a slide together, but it cost 13 dollars to rent. That’s so not fair! About half the water slides require tubes, so tough luck for those who don’t want to spend that kind of money. I don’t even want to know what the food prices were like.

Sorry for the rant. I’m not a huge fan of amusement parks. They charge a huge admission fee and don’t let you bring any food or water so then you’re trapped and you have to buy their expensive food. They are fun places to go, but they sure know how to milk people for money. Plus there are so many people who don’t consider other people that sometimes it’s not even worth the hassle.

I really did have fun though. I loved getting to spend time with my amazing sister-in-law. After we left Seven Peaks, we went and got pizza then went to my parent’s house. We watched the Corpse Bride, then watched Men in Black while playing Balderdash. It was such a fun night and I’m glad we got to spend the day with such an awesome person. I love you Buffy!