Thursday, July 7, 2011

Twin Falls Trip

Yesterday we headed out to Twin Falls for a Hemophilia Clinic. If you didn’t know, Morgan has hemophilia. I’m too tired to explain much, so look it up if you want more info. I will say one thing though, people seem to think that if you have hemophilia, even the tiniest cut could kill you. False. If Morgan were to cut himself shaving, it will bleed longer than normal, but it will eventually stop.  It’s the major cuts and internal bleeding he has to worry about.

Anyway, his appointment was in the morning and we didn’t want to wake up early to drive there, so we left in the afternoon. We stopped at Lake Walcott near Rupert. We got some pizza for dinner and ate it at the lake. After dinner, we walked around the lake. There were not very many people there, so it was perfect. The water was beautiful and the sunset was beautiful. Sadie has so much fun running around and chasing geese. She also chased a rabbit that she didn’t even notice until she was right next to it, but we saw it several feet off. Silly dog.

I was going to bring the camera, but I forgot. Luckily, Morgan remembered to bring it. Unfortunately, the memory card wasn’t in it. So we could only take about 10 pictures.

Unfortunately, we also forgot to bring mosquito repellent. The mosquitoes were everywhere! Sadie was going crazy trying to snatch them with her mouth. When she got bored with the bugs, she sat and stared at the pizza box. That dog is relentless. When she wants something, she doesn’t stop until she gets it.

We slept in the back of the truck. I’ve never slept outside without a tent. It was actually kind of scary. I was scared of every little noise. Also, the mosquitoes decided that the really liked my face. I managed to sleep ok, but Sadie didn’t. She was going crazy with all the noises and bugs. She was up most the night sniffing around.  But, as soon as we left for Twin Falls, she curled up and slept the whole time. She’s just like a child, keeping the parents up during the night and sleeping during the day. 

Well, the clinic wasn't that exciting. It's basically just an annual check-up with his hematologist. I did learn a few new things about hemophilia though, which is good. After we were done, we drove home (and got a little lost). It was a short trip, but very fun. Sometimes it's good to get away for a while and spend quality time with the person you love :) 


  1. It appears you used your ten pictures well. The water there looks so serene.

  2. Quality time should make its way to Seattle. That would be a great Roadtrip for you.

    And about sleeping in the truck. I would be scared too, but isn't it funny how we feel that much more protected in a tent? It's not all that much material between you and whatever wants to get you.z

  3. Actually, I am the opposite of you, Diana. When we used to go camping when I was a child, I would insist on sleeping in the car, because I was scared to sleep in the tent. Seriously, bears can rip tents. They would have to work much harder to rip into a car.

    And just so you know, now that I am a grown-up person, I just sleep in buildings. Much more civilized.