Monday, July 11, 2011


Morgan used to be really into archery. Today we were finally able to buy some arrows so we went out and had some fun. I’ve never shot a bow before but I’ve always wanted to. Morgan showed me all the tricks, then let me try. On my very first shot, I actually hit the target. I was very shocked and happy. I had so much fun shooting arrows. 

I missed the target on this one, but I hit the fence and it stuck.

Morgan looks so good with his bow. 

Our target and arrows.

We spray painted some numbers on the target and shot for points. We shot a few rounds and I actually one once. On our last round, I went first. This time I focused more on aiming. When I shot, I actually hit the middle of the target. I got a bulls eye! I was so shocked I had my mouth open for at least 30 seconds. I can't believe I actually got a bulls eye on my first day of archery! I feel so awesome. 


Archery is so much fun. I am definitely going to practice more and hopefully get pretty good. My bow is not as cool as Morgan's (I can't even pull his back all the way). Morgan is so cool. I'm so glad he is into cool things like archery. We had so much fun.

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